“What do you do?” is one of the most frequent, get to know you questions asked. It’s usually the first question you receive at a networking event, a social mixer, or a business conference. It seems like a straightforward inquiry and it should be easy to answer.

Think back to the last time you found yourself in a situation answering a “what do you do?” question. Did your feel like your audience got it? Did they feel your passion? Share your enthusiasm? Ask to know more?

Or, did their eyes glaze over as they reached for their phones to discreetly check for messages and emails?

How can such a simple question be so frustrating and how can you answer it in a way that connects with your audience on a deeper level?

In the following video, (which is the first of a two-part series), I share a process to help you strategically address questions about what you do. It’s a part of my paid programs and it’s such a valuable tool I’ve decided to make it one of the first things to share as we launch the New Year.

In the video, I’ll walk you through four key questions that will help you realize that “what do you do?” is really asking, “how does what you do impact/benefit/help/interest me?” You’ll learn that this simple, everyday question isn’t at all about you but all about your audience. These four questions will help you see and experience the difference between speaking to someone instead of talking about yourself.

I encourage you to take your time with the four questions and practice putting them into use as a preparation tool when you are getting ready to speak to a group, a family member, a friend, or a business colleague. Using these questions will help you focus your message in a way that matters to the person you are speaking to and shows them you care about their wants and needs. Taking the “me” (and your ego) out of the equation and emphasizing the “you” results in a deeper connection. You’ll start to get positive feedback and engagement from the interactions that matter the most to you.

I look forward to hearing how these questions help you and what comes up as you work on putting them into practice. And, remember to stay tuned for the second part of this series where I share the most important tip on shifting from an “All About Me” presentation to an “All About You” presentation.

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