Cassie Nevitt

Helping you to feel more centered, strong, and vibrant in your mind and body!

Welcome, thanks for visiting my page. I am a classically trained Pilates Instructor with 18 years experience. I offer online and in person Pilates privates and classes, as well as my signature program – Pelvic Floor and Core Restore.

My Services:

Pelvic Floor & Core Restore

The Pelvic Floor and Core Restore program offers targeted exercises to reawaken, enliven, and rebuild the pathways of communication and strength in your pelvic floor to restore sensation, strength, function and vitality to your pelvic floor and your body as a whole.

Virtual Pilates & Strength

Virtual Pilates classes offer the personalized attention, live instruction, deep core workout, and full body conditioning you’d get in a studio, from the comfort of your home.

Cassie Nevitt was trained and certified at True Pilates New York under the direction of Joseph Pilates’ renowned protégé, Romana Kryzanowska, and has been teaching classical Pilates for 16 years.