Present With Confidence: Maximize Your Message

If you could speak more confidently in sales calls, networking, interviews, speaking engagements or videos, would you be more successful?

Have you thought of doing videos but hate the idea of seeing yourself on camera?

Afraid to take the stage? Or ask for the sale?

CN IMG_5669Maybe you’re already courageously putting yourself out there but you’re not getting your desired outcome. You’ve been told you’re “too much”.  You sense losing the connection with your audience at some point of your sales pitch but you can’t quite figure out how to hold the connection. You’ve put great content or strategy into your videos, but people aren’t taking the next step with you.  People thank you for the your great presentation, but you don’t sense any desire that they want to start working with you or buy your services.

It’s frustrating and we often come back feeling like “Something’s wrong with me, I’m just not good at this”.

I can relate to a lot of failed attempts at communicating my value.   A. Lot.

I grew up extremely shy and always struggled with speaking.  The toughest challenge for me came when I started my own business and realized I was the sole spokesperson and salesperson – my lack of confidence came through loud and clear.  The one thing I’ve found that cuts through all the details, strategies, and nit-picky mistakes is PRESENCE.  When I committed to developing presence, people responded to me in a whole new way – the number of paying clients increased and so did my income.

Whether you shy away from the spotlight, you shrink during the sales part of the conversation, or you’re already rocking the stage and speaking at a high level, developing PRESENCE will increase your credibility, confidence, and ability to impact your audience.

Presence is a magnetic confidence and authenticity that radiates from within, attracting positive attention without intimidating or diminishing others. Presence is connecting – being in the moment, not in your head or on your script. Presence is standing in your strength and unapologetically sharing the best of you so that others have the opportunity to benefit from your gifts.

And the best part? You don’t have to be born with it. Presence is a skill that can be developed – we were just never taught how.

Join us for a 1-Day Event February 6, 2016 called “Present With Confidence: Maximize Your Message”, and learn simple, potent ways to become powerful and effective in presenting yourself.

You will:

  • Increase your confidence and presence at the front of the room
  • Learn to manage self-consciousness
  • Embody a power that does not intimidate or diminish others
  • Become more powerful and effective in your leadership and speaking
  • Be more fully you and more fully present when your impression matters most
  • Create a personalized “Presentation Prep Process” to use going into any presentation situation

Date: Saturday, February 6, 2016.  8:00am-5:00pm

Location:  Hera Hub Sorrento Valley.  4010 Sorrento Valley Blvd. #400, San Diego, CA 92121

Investment: $197

*Please note: all purchases are final and tickets are non-refundable.   If you are unable to attend and provide at least 24 hours notice of cancellation, you may sign a friend up in your place, or apply your purchase price to another class or program within 8 months of the event date.