z Move Well, Be Vibrant

At Vibrant Body, We Believe:

  • Health that surpasses the absence of ailments leads to greater engagement in and enjoyment of daily life, and empowers you to contribute your gifts fully out into the world.
  • The most powerful resource for your long-term health is to learn to listen to your body, and to work wellness practices that you find valuable into your daily life so your efforts will be sustainable.
  • Movement is fundamental to life, and has the power to heal.
  • Your mental and emotional health are not separate from your physical health.
  • Wellness is dynamic.  There are many important facets that contribute to wellness.  The ones I specialize in are:
    • Strength:  developing muscle tone in a balanced way that supports your body’s optimal ranges of motion and function
    • Flexibility:  ability to move your body in moving fluidly through normal and healthy ranges of motion.
    • Pain and Tension relief:  restoring blood flow, function, and range of motion to injured, tight, or painful parts of the body through deep stretching workout.
    • Personal Empowerment for Women:  developing a powerful and feminine personal presence, increasing confidence and authenticity.