Ever find yourself staring at a blank computer screen with zero inspiration and a critical deadline looming? Do ideas whirl in your mind, distract your attention, and make it impossible for you to get to the finish line when working on an important project?

Having these experiences when we need to be at our most productive is frustrating and stressful. This week I’m coming to you from Vail, CO where I am on a ski trip with my family. In the following video I share with you how being aware of your natural state and making adjustments to your routine and physical activity empowers you to be more effective at getting things done.

We start out with three questions to help you determine your natural state relative to how you go about your routine, express emotions, and the kinds of physical activities you normally engage in. I share with you my answers to these questions so you can see the natural state I identify with. At the end of the video, I pose a challenge question about the activities you might include in your life that will leave you feeling inspired, refreshed, and ready to be more productive.

I hope this video helps you see that balancing your natural state can help you to get more things accomplished. By committing to and making other activities like skiing (and surfing) important in my life, I am able to minimize the times when I am just sitting at the computer waiting for inspiration. My physical activity and weekly routines prepare me to be more productive so I am ready to dive into a project or task when I need to be.

I look forward to hearing about where you fall on the spectrum. What activities might you add to your week that will pull you in the other direction so you can be more effective completing key projects? Comment below or drop me a note.

Until the next time,