Vibrant Presence Community

A community to embody and deepen the work of the Art of Feminine Presence™. 

What would it feel like to wake up grounded, energized, and ready for your day no matter what was happening in the world around you?

The world is very dynamic right now.  And within it all, the opportunity exists to become deeply present with yourself and to deepen your self-trust, your connection to your inner wisdom, and to navigate your days with more ease, flow, and grace.

You are smart, committed and you are ready to be more of you. However, with the busyness of life,  knowing what to do doesn’t always translate into doing it.  What’s missing is the shift from intellectual understanding to embodiment.  

This is where I come in.

I support women just like you to amplify their presence and overall quality of life by making powerful shifts to their energetic practices.  

I want you to know that even if things fall apart you will come out of it stronger, more resilient, and more confident.  

I want you to feel it, know it, live it, and have your life reflect the truth of it.  

This is what the Vibrant Presence Community is all about.

This is an invitation to:

  • consistently create space in your life for divine guidance (i.e. your intuition) to come through
  • gain mastery in centering and grounding your energy amid the chaos
  • increase your level of presence in the moment, in your relationships, and in your life
  • be connected and accountable to people that will support and guide you to keep showing up for yourself.

This Vibrant Presence Community will elevate the way you show up in your life and the way your life shows up for YOU. 

When you join the Vibrant Presence Community, you will learn to:

  • be more comfortable in your own skin
  • center and connect yourself with what matters most
  • create confidence and clarity
  • be courageously authentic

and so much more!

The more you are able to tap into your true essence – the life force that breathes vibrance into your moments-  the better your life will continue to feel.

If you are ready to elevate what’s possible, connect to what matters most, and amplify your level of presence, the Vibrant Presence Community is for you!

When you join the Vibrant Presence Community today, you’ll get access to:

  • Live Calls: Each month, we have a live, potent, 55-minute Zoom call.  These calls are experiential, interactive, and will take you through some of the 44 physical, energetic, or deep questioning practices in the Art of Feminine PresenceTM
  • Weekly Mini-Meditations: These short, weekly audio meditations will infuse the practice from our live calls into your daily life by amplifying your level of presence and embodiment (versus keeping your learning at an intellectual level). These audios reiterate and reinforce the practices from the month’s call.
  • 15-minute Fridays: Live, Moving Meditations: We gather on Zoom for a potent 15-minutes to practice a moving meditation that will ground and amplify your level of presence and integration at the end of the week.
  • Quarterly North Star Workshop: 75-minute intention-setting workshop where I’ll guide you through energetic practices to distill and anchor into one priority you’d like to breathe life into over the next 90 days.
  • One-on-one support: 3 private sessions every 6 months. Custom-tailor your experience to whatever’s up for you – increasing your level of presence in a relationship, at the front of the room (your presence and energy in public speaking), or simply navigating and holding space for something that’s present in your life.

Live call dates and times:  Our live call schedule is TBA

All classes except for Friday meditations are recorded so you don’t have to worry about missing any of the content.

Commitments are for 90 day increments at a time.

Investment: $247/3 months