The Art of Feminine Presence – Calm Holiday Chaos

Do you find your mind starting to race as you list out all the preparations that have to be done before Thanksgiving, Hanukkah or Christmas?

As you turn your calendar to November, does the month vanish into a blur of mailing out cards, hanging lights, running to stores, wrapping gifts, and baking cookies?  After a day of rearranging your schedule to make it to one more holiday lunch get together, are you walking in the door so drained that you forget to praise your son or daughter for the great job they did on their end of semester finals?

The hustle and bustle of the season is about to take hold.   Family and friends gather together in celebration and all too often, old wounds and conflicts arise leaving everyone walking around on eggshells.  All of a sudden, you find yourself playing family peacemaker when you are already overwhelmed and on a short fuse.

What if I told you there was a way to put the joy back into the season and reclaim the precious moments with your family and friends?  Want to learn to calm the chaos and experience more fully the present moment, no matter what may be going on around you?

While I still get frazzled during the holidays, I have learned to shift my awareness to the way I am being present to a person or situation.  When I do this, the right words and actions come naturally and life feels a lot smoother.  It is not a matter of what I am doing or saying, it is the way in which I am present that makes all the difference.

Personal presence is a skill that can be learned and practiced.  Participating in The Art of Art of Feminine Presence San DiegoFeminine Presence 5-week series will help you:

•    Experience clarity and confidence, even when your surroundings feel chaotic.
•    Quiet your mental chatter and learn to follow your body’s wisdom and “higher guidance”.
•    Be more at ease setting clear boundaries with others.
•    Develop a physical and energetic presence that attracts the attention you want, both personally and professionally.
•    Look and feel more confident, healthy, and radiant when you walk into a room.

During this busy season, when it seems like everything is about doing, talking, and making merry, wouldn’t it be nice to be in touch with yourself and those you love in a truly authentic way that makes you feel present, positive and happy?  Give yourself and the ones you love a gift of joy and peace and register now.

This intimate 5 week series of classes runs Wednesday mornings, November 11 – December 16 (no class November 25) in Clairemont.  Classes are 9:00 – 11:30am.  Please commit to attending all 5 classes.