Even if you are totally prepared with an awesome presentation and are rocking your best “A” list outfit, your body will always gives away any nervousness that you are feeling. Many of us have practiced how to carry ourselves well with our shoulders back, our heads lifted and our eyes making soft contact with the group. And then, we open our mouths and those first few words come out sounding a bit shaky. We correct, find a rhythm, and hope things will get better. Holding in our anxiety, we control the range and inflection of our voice, and after a while we find ourselves speaking in a (boring) monotone.

Taking a few minutes to do vocal warm ups will allow you to use your voice like a beautiful instrument. You will be able to hit amazing highs and emphasize your message with resonance and depth. Your voice will have melody and inflection and your audience will pay attention to you. Watch this video and learn how your voice, when properly tuned and played, will help you to make that emotional connection and move your audience to take action.