Project, Perform, Present. Three small words that can have a big impact on how well you connect with your audience and the success of your interactions. Understanding the subtle differences between projecting, performing, and truly being present will help you to show up more genuinely and increase the value of your message.

In this week’s video, I share with you my thoughts on how performing and projecting can actually hurt you during a presentation. We’ll discover how to redirect self-conscious feelings and thoughts to become more present, feel confident, and share our true gifts.

Projecting a quality we want to be seen as or performing can make us look phony. We lose credibility with an audience when we get caught up in trying to “show” the audience who we are. Focusing all of our attention on how people are reacting makes us self-conscious. A puzzled expression, a look of disinterest, or someone fidgeting in their seat makes us change our message in an effort to project what we think our audience wants to hear.

So, how can we get back to a state of being present when we are in front of the room? How do we tone down the performance and quiet the self-conscious thoughts that come up when we are looking out into the audience? Watch this video to learn a simple and practical technique that puts the YOU back into your presentation.

As always, I hope this tip is useful. I look forward to hearing how the information in the video helps you to think about how you can really show up and be present during your next important interaction. My goal is to help you feel confident, share the amazing person you are, and make the impact you want to.