Private Coaching with Cassie Nevitt

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Why would you benefit from coaching?

If you are a woman who…

  • Holds a key position in a small or growing business
  • Has recently taken on a higher level of leadership in an organization or movement
  • Is taking on visibility and speaking publicly more, representing a message or entity
  • Is moving forward in your career, extending your sphere of influence, seeking promotion within your company or expansion of your business
  • Is owning your expertise and specialized skills, perhaps for the first time, and promoting your services or product to a growing audience
  • Wants to refine your message and presentation so as to be fully seen and heard, taken seriously, and respected for what you have to offer

 What it is:  Laser-focused, one-on-one coaching so you can:

  • Increase your personal presence to be more impactful, effective, and memorable when you speak
  • Stay in your power no matter what is thrown your way
  • Structure your message so the right listeners know they need you
  • Feel confident speaking in front of a group or individuals
  • Be more comfortable selling what you have to offer
  • Talk about what you do in a way that draws people in
  • Stand fully in who you are, and emanate a magnetic presence without having to try
  • Be memorable and more effective in meetings, interviews, and workplace interactions



Our curriculum is built around developing skills in the 4 pillars of speaking confidently and effectively, and is custom-tailored to you and your needs:

1. Master Your Physiology

  • Manage your nerves–be grounded, clear, and confident under pressure
  • Connect to your personal power that is not affected by things going on around you
  • Have clear boundaries without shutting people out


2. Connect with the Hearts and Minds of Your Audience

  • Be 100% present in the moment
  • Create emotional resonance–cause people to feel connected to your message and what you have to offer, and motivate them to take action.


3. Manage Your Energy

  • Walk into any room feeling grounded and solid in who you are and what you stand for
  • Keep your audience (whether it’s one person or many) attentive and engaged with your content


4. Generate Action

  • Have a clear, simple best next step for people to take to continue the relationship
  • Attract more clients or leads when you speak



Private Coaching – What’s Included:

6 flex, one-on-one hours. In-person, via Skype, or on the phone.

Get candid feedback on how you come across when you present yourself, and

a customized program to increase your personal presence and delivery.

Hours will be divided and scheduled to best suit your needs and time frame.


In addition, you may incorporate

any of the following into our time together:

  • Develop your 20-30 minute signature speech to generate warm leads
  • Create a compelling and magnetic elevator speech
  • Structure your messaging for short videos or brief interactions
  • How to warm up for speaking
  • How to practice so you are fully prepared and feel comfortable with your content


Start showing up the way you want to be seen so that you can make the impact you are here to make.

Ready to get started?  

If we haven’t already talked in person, your first step is to book a 1-hour call.  

I’m excited to learn how I can help. During our call, we’ll identify what’s holding you back, and I will offer my best resources and suggestions to support you. Together, we’ll determine if working together is the right fit to move you forward in increasing your presence and visibility. 


Investment for 1-hour Breakthrough Call: $197