Present with Confidence Breakthrough Call

In this 60-minute phone session, I’ll help you speak with impact and be more effective in the way you come across to people.  We will look at where you are and where you want to be so we can map out your best and fastest way to get there.

On this call, we will:

  • Identify what’s holding you back from presenting yourself as effectively as you’d like in your key interactions
  • Come up with your best next steps toward being fully confident and fully you in networking, sales calls, interviews, speaking, or video
  • I’ll share some of my best tips you can implement immediately to start increasing your success in speaking about what you do
  • Based on our conversation, I’ll share my best resource to support you in getting the results you’re wanting and we’ll decide if it’s a fit to work together.

Value: $197

Special: $37

Please complete the form below and follow the prompts through to completion.  You will be directed through payment and then scheduling your session.