Why have the lyrics from “Only You” by the Platters been running through my head for the last hour?

Only you can make this world seem right20130615_185204

Only you can make the darkness bright

Because only you can make this blog better!

Blogging is new to me and I committed to a weekly post January 1, 2015. With some support I’ve been able to offer you a weekly tip in a hybrid blog/vlog format.

I had to start somewhere with creating content, so I wrote and spoke about what was important to me about personal presence and how being embodied increases your magnetism, strengthens your connection, and helps you to earn the income you deserve. I shared tips that apply to social, professional, and intimate interactions. I linked Ted Talks and mentioned expert opinions to let you know this stuff is for real and that experts (credentialed and well known folks) have done research and staked their careers on how being authentic and vulnerable is more important than having the perfect words or well crafted speech.

I shared my own story and let you know how this has helped me and why I am passionate about sharing it with women like you.

As we turn the corner on June, it is time to ask you, my audience, what content you want more of. I hope you’ll take a few seconds to answer the three (just 3!) questions below. And, as a bonus, for the first three people that write a few sentences on how to improve content (constructive please – this is a public platform and there is no need for venting:), I will offer a free 30 minute SKYPE coaching session.  Here are the questions:

1. I am the most uncomfortable when I find myself in the following situation:
a) Presenting ideas and myself in a professional setting.
b) Being in social situations with people I don’t know very well but I am hopeful find me attractive and interesting.
c) Going to family events.
d) All of the above.

2. When someone notices and pays attention to me I feel like:
a) Hiding, looking away, and hoping that the person next to me is who they are really looking at.
b) I’m on top of the world; I’ve wanted to interact with you, I’m happy to share my awesomeness with you!
c) I’m fighting an internal battle – I know I should engage and interact, but I feel awkward and I stutter, blank out, and make goofy facial expressions.
d) None of the above.

3. I like the following format in the blogs that I follow:
a) Short post, single topic, 300 – 500 words maximum, and no visual references.
b) A list post; all the data in bullet points, maybe a picture or a visual reference, no links.
c) A few sentences introducing the topic and a link to YouTube video.
d) Format doesn’t matter.

Indicate your letter answers in order in the comments line below this post. Don’t forget the extra credit bonus Free SKYPE Session for the first three people that share a few sentences about what they have liked, what they need more of, and any other suggestions for making this blog better for all of us. Thanks for your help and making this an even better community!