Hello again! Have you ever found yourself in a confrontational situation and it feels like your buttons are getting pushed? Maybe you shut down and have no idea how to respond. Perhaps you strike back or even lose your cool. Once the situation has passed do you wonder if maybe there wasn’t a better way to have handled things?

Managing confrontation is where we often forget how to be present. Things happen quickly and we feel attacked. Our brains go into overdrive as we figure out what to say or how to act.

In this week’s video, I will present important concepts for how to successfully manage confrontation and not allow the heat of the moment dictate your response. I’ll talk about how you can remain powerful and confident as you acknowledge and address what is happening around you. With practice, you will learn how to use your presence and make even these difficult situations work for you.

In a nutshell, there are two key components to remaining present and powerful when the energy around you is chaotic:

  1. Shifting your focus to your body’s Power Center – that place 3” below your belly button and into the back of your body. Doing this immediately gets you out of your “head bubble” where your ego and intellect are trying to control the situation. By being in your Power Center, you’ll immediately feel more grounded and have a sense of calm.
  2. Visualizing and allowing your energy to be big, rather than shrinking. By connecting to your energy, and feeling how that energy can expand and surround you like a globe of light, you’ll stand up straighter and feel stronger. Your larger presence keeps you in control of your energy, regardless of what’s going on around you. Your expanded energy protects you from the chaos of what is happening, helping you to feel safe in the situation.

For all of us, handling confrontation takes practice. At first, shifting our focus to our Power Center and expanding our energy may start as a deliberate intention. You might use visualization to translate that intention to a feeling in your body. Imagine watching a hot air balloon being filled. As the warm gas starts to fill the balloon, the balloon lifts and expands. The expansion of the hot air balloon is steady and strong. As you visualize this, do you feel yourself sitting up straighter and having more energy? Do you feel a warm tingling in your lower belly? If so, you have actually gone from intention to physically experiencing your increased presence and energy.

Confrontational situations are the ones that throw us for a loop and often leave us wondering what happened. I hope this video shows that being in your body and physically present will help you to manage whatever comes your way. I look forward to your comments and I’ll see you again soon!



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