I’ve been blogging now for seven months. Looking back, there are 32 published blog posts. If each post averages about 500 words, this blog’s content totals 16,000 written words. That doesn’t include the spoken words in my own videos or the Ted videos I’ve referred you to.

I hope you’ve gotten something out of all this. I know I have.

Maybe you’ve learned one practice that helps you get out of your head bubble and back into your body helping you to feel more grounded when making a presentation. Maybe you’ve found that you don’t have to be superwoman all the time and that asking for help, and being a little bit vulnerable, helps you to connect on a deeper level with the people that matter most. Or maybe this blog has helped you to find a way to speak up with confidence and ask for a challenging work assignment or even a promotion.

So, what’s on the blog’s schedule for August? A vacation!

20150802_062501That’s right, the blog is taking a break. There will be a trip to the beach and a trip to the mountains. It’s time to seek out inspiration, explore new topics, and process the experiences that have come with blogging and working with such a great audience. So, for the next few weeks, there won’t be any new content published. We’re in the wind down stretch of summer, and it’s time to kick back, enjoy friends and family, and relax.

But don’t fret – it doesn’t mean I won’t be thinking about you. By taking a break from publishing new posts every Tuesday, I’ll be reflecting on the experiences I’ve had engaging with you and in my recent workshops. I’ll be thinking about ways to incorporate and share a new level of knowledge with you.

Sure, over the next few weeks, there will be some “me only” time to recharge my batteries. But ultimately, this time away will help me to deliver even more value to each and every one of you; my readers, my audience, my supporters.

I’ll be back at the end of August with fresh ideas and even more useful content, I promise. Until then, enjoy the dog days of summer and drop me a note about how you are taking your own vacation or short break!