Is fear limiting your opportunities and keeping you at the same income level? Own your value, move forward, and add to your bottom line

Do you have the ability to connect and be present with an audience or a person when you are under pressure? Is your presence magnetic and does it draw people in and attract the positive results you want?

Imagine how amazing you would feel knowing you are capable of fully showing up as yourself and with confidence to every meeting, interview, and networking session where your impression matters.

Does that sound like a dream? It’s not. The wonderful thing about presence is that it can be developed. With the right tools, coaching and feedback, you can increase your ability to be present in the moment. You’ll radiate magnetic confidence while making the kind of impact that gets you better results and increases your income.

In today’s video, I share with you four simple practices that I use to show up at my very best for the important interactions that mean the most to me. These are practices I teach all of my clients. Using your physical and energetic presence to support you empowers you to show up in the way you want to be seen. You’ll aspire to and achieve the greater things you know you are capable and deserving of.

Not sure what this looks like in practice and how it might relate to you? One client of mine, an experienced realtor, saw amazing results after taking my 8-week Present With Confidence course. She’s got great qualifications and is as capable as many of the associates she competes with in the upper end of the market. Stepping into and owning her value to represent sellers in the $1M or above price range felt intimidating. She often stuck to houses that were about half that – she knew she could do more and her discomfort was limiting her income.

On the last day of our 8-week class, she arrived in a celebratory mood. She had just secured a $3 million listing — 6x the value she normally works with! The best part for her was how she felt about it. Her presence was solid and she did not allow her value to be negotiated down.

She had the confidence to know what she’s worth and not be “star struck” by the big numbers.

If that intrigues you, and you see a little bit of yourself in this example, then click on the video now and learn four simple steps to prepare yourself for any interaction that has the potential to move you forward in life.

This is the first step in developing presence and magnetic confidence.

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And I will share:

  • Some of my best tips to help you immediately start experiencing more success when you speak about your work
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