Inspirational Women – What Speaking Confidently in Business Has Meant for Them

When you’re really honest with yourself, many of you know you could be experiencing more success professionally if you were more confident in presenting yourself.

For some of you, you’re wanting to have a long-overdue talk with your boss about getting a raise or taking on more responsibilities.

For others, you are speaking to groups and know you’d get better results if you could calm your nerves, stay on point (without going blank or getting carried away on tangents), and bring your full personality into it, rather than simply reciting the words.

You know people underestimate you because of how you show up – and it’s not an accurate reflection of the value you bring to the table.

I hear you.

I’ve been there.

And I want to introduce you to some courageous women who have been there, too .

As you watch this video, I invite you to feel into the parts of their experiences that relate to your own.  How would your daily interactions in your professional world change if you were able to increase your personal presence and really own your value?

These women committed just a few hours a week for 8 weeks to learning and mastering the tools that have changed what they thought was possible for them in their professional lives.

A new session of Present with Confidence: Increase Your Income Through Speaking and Being Memorable begins soon – on Saturday, February 28th, and I want you to join us if you’re ready to stop downplaying your value and start making your professional goals a reality.

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