Challenging situations in our personal interactions come up every day. You’re in the break room at work when the newly appointed VP of Sales stops by for a coffee refill. For weeks you’ve been hearing about how great she is and have been hoping to introduce yourself. Out of the blue she is now standing in front of you and you have less than ten seconds to make the great impression you want to.

Maybe you are in the sixth month of your new business and you know your expertise makes you the perfect fit for several companies attending the same seminar you’re at. You’re doing your best to speak with owners and decision makers to raise your personal profile. It feels like every time you approach someone and start a conversation you are underestimated and no one is seeing your true value.

These “elevator pitch” moments can take us by surprise. We have to react fast and positively so opportunities don’t slip through our fingers. We need a way to quickly bypass any negative thoughts, hesitation, or doubts about our message and how we are presenting ourselves.

This week, I am sharing the third video in the series about how accessing the physical body is the fastest and most powerful way to change your mental state and stand confidently in your personal power and presence.

Our focus this week is the upper body. Lifting your collarbones from the inside with movement and breath will make you look and sound more credible. Extending your arms to the side (if there is a piece of furniture or a counter nearby place your hand on it) and opening your upper body causes you to take up more space and increase your power. These changes impact your body chemistry and immediately give you confidence and strength. Your true value, passion, and personal presence will be seen and heard.

I hope you enjoy this series on accessing your body to change your mental and emotional state. The tips I have shared over the last few weeks are intended to be easy to use and effective in any situation. Results are seen and felt immediately. Whether it is your feet (feeling grounded), your hips (feeling centered) or your upper body (feeling lifted and expansive), being in your body is the best way to stop negative mental chatter and make a great impression when it matters most. Drop me a note or let me know how this series has helped you, I would love to hear your story!

Make it a great week,


P.S. If you need a refresher on Parts 1 & 2 of this series, check out the blog posts from 3/24 and 3/31 for the videos!