Classical Pilates in San Diego

Cassie Nevitt teaches classical Pilates in San Diego and thrives on bringing you as close to the source of Pilates as it gets.

Cassie was certified in 2007 in the rigorous training program developed by Joseph Pilates’ renowned protégé, Romana Kryzanowska.  She completed her apprenticeship and certification at True Pilates New York (formerly Drago’s).

Why classical Pilates?

True Pilates helps you:

  • stand taller
  • be strong and agile in your active lifestyle
  • prevent and overcome injuries, and
  • achieve muscular balance

So your body operates at its best – inside and out.  It’s a brilliant system that works wonders on the body when done correctly.

Pilates starts with the “powerhouse” – the deep, stabilizing muscles of your core – and works the whole body gently and efficiently to develop long, lean muscles and functional strength.  An effective and safe Pilates workout is closely supervised and tailored to you, especially when injuries are present.

An instructor certified in classical Pilates will take the time to get you working from your core, ensure you progress at the optimal rate for your body, and is experienced and comfortable working with injuries.

What about the fancy equipment?

The ideal way to experience Pilates is as a complete system, the way it was designed.  Joseph Pilates invented numerous apparatus to work all parts of the body.  A mat class (the way most people experience Pilates) is part of the system.  In private lessons or small group classes, other apparatus including the Cadillac or Tower unit and the Universal Reformer are used to target, strengthen, and stretch the body in a variety of ways.

Even more specific are exercises on the Wunda Chair, High or Electric Chair (cheery, I know), Baby Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Foot Corrector, and more.

Count me in!  How do I sign up?

Cassie Nevitt is available by appointment for private lessons in Bay Ho and Bay Park.

Call (858) 224-3839 for more information and to schedule.