Having a conversation with your neighbor at the mailbox.

Chatting with the friend who is taking you to pick up your car after it has been serviced.

Talking to your Pilates classmates at the end of a session.

What do these moments all have in common?

They are the mundane, day-to-day conversations most of us think nothing of. They are the brief moments that we take part in to be polite or simply acknowledge an acquaintance. These occasions are casual and spontaneous and we give little thought to our personal presence.

These seemingly inconsequential interactions can be plagued by miscommunication. Maybe your tone of voice doesn’t match your intention. Maybe you are distracted and come off as being uninterested. Or maybe you’re just not focused and have no real idea what the other person is talking about as you stand there grinning and nodding enthusiastically.

The subject of this week’s video is mundane conversations as blind spots that drain personal presence and power. This is the 3rd installment in our current series about when we might not be paying attention to how we show up and be present. For most of us, developing charisma and radiant presence is directed towards our professional lives.

I invite you to watch the video and be aware of how you show up in these situations and notice how you are perceived. Be aware of your body and make adjustments to your breathing or draw attention to your powerhouse – that place just below your belly button and deep inside. Does feeling grounded and centered help you to be more present? Is your connection with the person you are speaking to deeper and do you find yourself enjoying these simple exchanges more?

Remember, the goal is not to impress anyone and you shouldn’t feel like you are putting on an act. Developing awareness and showing up as your best self during mundane conversations is a great way to practice personal presence. Use these moments as a training ground and work on being embodied and connected to your inner strength and power. If your magnetism shines through when the stakes aren’t high, imagine what can happen when you are in a situation that really matters!

I would love to hear if mundane conversations are one of your blind spots and what adjustments you make to increase your presence and get more from these moments. Share a comment below and let me know how this helps you.

See you next week,


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