Your to do list is prioritized and you’ve identified your top three priorities for the next hour. You’ve had a great week, you’re on top of your game, and you’re ready to knock out each task. Within minutes you start feeling drained, a blank screen stares back at you, and you don’t feel remotely connected to the words you are saying or putting down on paper.

When you write content, make connections with clients, or research the competition, you’ll get more out of your work if you are engaged, embodied, and passionate about what you are doing. This week’s video, which is the 2nd installment of our 5-week series on Blind Spots that Drain Presence and Power is about what happens when you sit down and get to work.

If you are wading through your task list and fighting to feel energized, take a moment and notice what your body is doing. Are you sitting upright and are your feet in contact with the floor? Is your spine long and tall? Are your feet up on a chair and is your body hunched over your laptop keyboard?

Whatever your work might be, showing up and being present will help you connect with your passion. You’ll get more done, time will fly by, and you’ll feel great about what you’ve accomplished. You might even feel like rewarding yourself with a walk outside or hanging out with your kids for an hour!

I would love to hear if sitting down to work is one of your blind spots. I invite you to watch the video and be aware of how you are present and what your body is doing the next time your working at your desk. If you find your shoulders are slumped forward, sit up tall and open your body up so the energy can flow. Share a comment below and let me know how this impacts you.

See you next week,


P.S.  If this strikes a chord and you want to learn show up fully, authentically, and confidently in all aspects of your life, click here to learn about our upcoming 5-week series in The Art of Feminine Presence.