Being fully present, having personal power, and making our best impression is often something we focus on in our professional lives. We work on improving our personal presence, developing charisma, and really putting ourselves out there when it comes to our work lives.

But what about the settings that are casual and relaxed? Social gatherings, conversations with neighbors, or family get togethers are areas that we don’t normally consider our personal presence and power. We think we can and should be our beautiful, messy selves because making a good impression in these situations doesn’t really matter.

While that is certainly true, these interactions can be derailed by miscommunication, surprise, and stress. Without realizing it, personal “non work” communications become blind spots that drain our personal presence and power and make us feel defensive, misunderstood, and small.

This week’s video is the first of a 5-week series about the Top 5 Blind Spots that Drain Personal Presence and Power. Each week, I’ll give you a suggestion about an area of personal interaction that might be one of your blind spots. I’ll ask you to notice how you feel and to be aware of what your body is doing. The idea is not to mask who we are, put on a show, or impress anyone. The goal of showing up as your best self is to increase your enjoyment and connection to the people you are spending time with. Being fully present celebrates your true self and honors the people around you.

Each interaction we choose to be a part of has value. Being just a little bit more aware of our presence and tuning into our personal power and strength means our lives can be more fully lived and enriched.

I would love to hear if social interactions are a blind spot for you and how this week’s video helps you be aware of your personal presence when you are going out for drinks with friends, attending a class, or any other time where you are “off the clock” and outside of work. Share a comment below and let us know what you feel and if there are ways shifting your attention helps you to be more engaged and gives you and the people around you more pleasure in your time spent together.

Make it a great week,

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