Intro to the Art of Feminine Presence in your Business

For the first time, we are applying the potent principles of the Art of Feminine Presence directly to how you’re showing up in your business – when no one’s watching.

  • Do you love your work, but feel drained, scattered, and overwhelmed doing all the various activities that run your business?
  • Feel like you’re constantly “on task”, but not actually moving forward?
  • Do you waste time and energy battling your inner dialogue – trying to talk yourself out of negative spirals and self-doubt?
  • And you’re a conscious woman who does heart-centered work, so you beat yourself up even MORE because you know or even teach tools that help folks work through these things.

If a morsel of even one of these resonates, I want you to join us for this class and carve out some grounded, intentional time for your business.

What is the Art of Feminine Presence?

Your feminine essence is not some socially constructed idea of fitting into a box of “feminine”, but rather tuning into the essence of YOU.  Your unique qualities.  The things that light you up.  Your natural gifts and authentic expression.

When you connect to your feminine essence, you instantly “switch on” your magnetism, personal power, clarity, creativity, juiciness, calm, intuition, certainty.

The Art of Feminine Presence is a spiritually grounded body of work made up of 44 physical and energetic practices to increase your personal presence.

Join us September 21 for a potent experience of connecting to and cultivating your feminine essence and personal presence, and applying that to the way you’re showing up in your business.

During our 3-hour Intro to Applied Art of Feminine Presence for Entrepreneurs, learn simple tools to:

  • Settle your mental chatter and listen to your “gut” or intuition
  • Tap into the life force already running through your business so you accomplish more, stress less, and feel more joy in your work
  • Shift into a clear, resourceful, internally “fueled” state that pulls you, rather than pushing to get things done
  • Stay grounded and be confident, no matter what is going on around you
  • Embody a magnetic power that does not intimidate or diminish others

Date: Thursday, September 21.  9:00am – 12:00pm

Location:  Private residence in Serra Mesa.  Address will be sent upon registration.

Investment:  $25 for you to attend.  Or, bring a cherished girlfriend and you both attend for free.

Advance registration is required, as space is limited – Enroll Today!

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