When we’re pulling together our ideas about how we sell ourselves, we usually start with what and how. Describing what we have to offer and how we’ll deliver it feels familiar and safe. For many of us, what and how gets wrapped up into our identity and we feel a connection to it.

But what about the people we are presenting to? What can you do to help them “get it” when it comes to telling your story and selling yourself?

Simon Sinek, an ethnographer by training, shares his idea for inspiring action in the following Ted Talk.

Sinek suggests that we turn our communication inside out and start with the why. Giving voice to why we do what we do helps us to share our purpose and what drives us to get out of bed each day. We’re talking to the part of the brain that controls behavior and decision-making. Reaching this part of the brain first allows people to rationalize their gut (“it feels right”) decisions with the tangible facts of what and how.

Watching this talk, I really related to the concept of communicating from the inside out.

Simon is talking about his golden circle when he says inside out – why, how, and what. We achieve the same result when we apply his words to the body. Work through the exercise of writing out your why and thinking through the parts of Sinek’s golden circle. When the time comes for you to speak to a group, drop into the power center of your body to fuel your why. Your passion and vision will burn bright and clear and your audience will be inspired to take action.

Another reason I am sharing this Ted Talk is because the golden circle idea came up at a business discussion I attended last week. As a solopreneur, there are days when running my business seems overwhelming. I get caught up in the what and how space as I think about everything I need to do and how to get it done. As we shared ideas, I changed my focus and found myself reconnecting with my passion about the work I do.

Instead of thinking about my next training event (the what) and where to host it (the how), I felt myself dropping into my own power center. My focus shifted to my passion about helping women learn the techniques and exercises that I used to overcome my shyness and lack of confidence. I felt gratitude for the dramatic changes I have witnessed in my own life as well as the lives of the women I have worked with. I remembered my belief that every woman has tremendous gifts to share and to be recognized for. I felt alive, energetic, and engaged.

I hope you enjoy this Ted Talk and the idea of turning communication inside out helps you to create connections with people who believe what you believe. Doing this, you will be working with people who resonate with how you do what you do and why you do it. Working from the why makes what we do a pleasure and everyone has a much more enjoyable experience. Drop me a note or comment and let me know what you thought of the Ted Talk by Simon Sinek and how this idea might help you in your important interactions.

Make it a great week,