One of the most common areas of feedback I get in my Present With Confidence workshops is about how to handle tough questions. The Q&A part of a presentation or any interaction where you are selling yourself and your ideas can be terrifying to even the most seasoned speakers. Sometimes, the fear of difficult questions is so great that it prevents people from pitching an idea.

Audience members can be a diverse group. Depending upon the nature of your topic, there are a number of concerns that could be raised including technical details, delivery time, price, and your experience. While you can anticipate some questions, human beings can be unpredictable and questions you aren’t expecting might be asked.

So, what can you do when faced with tough questions? In the following video, I offer three easy tips to help you stay in the moment and in your personal power when dealing with and answering questions.

Questions from the audience can be a hugely valuable part of your presentation: it’s your chance to further engage and connect. What is being asked is the feedback that tells you just how much of your message has been received by the group listening to you.

I hope the information in this video is helpful and you can put these three tips into action. These practices aren’t just useful during a presentation; they can help you in any interaction where someone is asking you a question. With continued practice you can turn any question and answer session into an important and authentic communication that helps you to be seen and heard in the way that matters most to you.

Until the next time,