Ever have someone say, “you’re too much”? Too enthusiastic, too positive, too energetic, too outgoing, too happy? Did you feel like there was something wrong with you, or was the person you were with just having a really bad day?

It’s pretty normal for people to be at different energy levels in their interactions. And even though you might be brimming with enthusiasm, there is no reason you should tone down your positive vibe just to match the people around you. After all, your enthusiasm and radiance are what make you and what you have to say interesting and attractive.

How do you honor who you are and your feelings in the moment while respecting and being sensitive to the feelings of the people around you? For most women, the tendency is to immediately adapt who we are to suit the needs of those we are with. When we’re told we’re too much, we shrink down, get quiet, and minimize our gestures and movements. The effort to “be less” doesn’t really serve anyone; it feels awkward and uncomfortable for you and the people you’re trying to accommodate notice and end up feeling even worse.

In the video that follows, I’ll share a short tip on how to best handle this situation. You’ll learn a quick exercise that will help you to remain positive and strong while making both yourself and those around you feel safe and supported. It’s a quick video (less than three minutes) and the knowledge you’ll gain can be put into practice right away.

As always, I hope this information is helpful. Drop me a note below and let me know what you think and how you might use this exercise when it feels like someone is telling you (either verbally or non verbally) you’re too much.

Until the next time,